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InSync Canines serves Norval, Brampton, Georgetown, and surrounding areas.

InSync Canines

Dog Training

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Meet Our Staff


Owner and head trainer


I've had dogs for most of my life.  My first dogs were easy - they were the kind of dogs that were happy to do whatever you asked of them and didn't have any major behavioural issues.

When I brought home Hunter, my belgian malinois, it was a very different experience. He was difficult. He had endless energy that always led him into trouble.  He was reactive to dogs.  We were both stressed most of the time and being together was anything but fun. I tried a lot of the training methods I saw on popular TV shows or based on advice from other people. But he got worse, not better. And I thought to myself- who owns a dog to be stressed out all the time?

I dedicated myself to finding ways to repair our relationship through play and joy and positive reinforcement training. I helped build him up instead of tearing him down. And slowly, he changed.


He became happier, more confident, and our relationship grew. We started having fun again. He looked to me in times of stress instead of becoming reactive or frustrated. 


This was the "a-ha" moment behind InSync Canines. Dog training that brings you In Sync with your dog! Our goal is help bring you In Sync with your dog through training that is fun, clear, and strengthens the relationship between you and your dog.

I blend my personal experience of managing three dogs in a house with two children under 7 and my training as a competitor in dog sports to bring students practical, fun, positive-reinforcement training solutions that work.


Puppy classes


Kathryn began working with and training dogs when she brought home her first golden retriever in 2000, and then her second in 2001. When her second dog earned her first competitive obedience title, she knew she was hooked for life! She is currently loved by her 2 year old golden doodle, Bella.

She has taught and assisted in many puppy classes, and especially enjoys helping new puppy owners understand how puppies learn best. She finds it so rewarding to watch a puppy progress through new exercises and become a well behaved family member!



Competitive obedience


Margaret has nearly 30 years of dog training experience. She started her dog training career when more heavy handed styles of training were more popular and found herself looking for more humane methods. Since then, she has studied, practiced, and promoted kinder training methods based on the work of some of the most accomplished positive reinforcement trainers. 

Competitive obedience is her passion and she has multiple obedience championships and rally obedience accolades under her belt to prove it.

Her love for working with both dogs and people alike are combined in teaching competitive
obedience classes in which communication between dog and handler is the ultimate
experience of teamwork.

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