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Pet Manners Classes 

For dogs 12 months+

All dogs deserve to learn life skills.  Just because your dog is no longer a puppy, doesn't mean they shouldn't get to enjoy classes! These classes are for dogs who are over 12 months of age and who wish to start or continue their education.

Please note: this is not a class for dogs displaying any aggression or reactivity to either humans or dogs.  Please contact us if you are unsure if this class is the right fit for your dog.

Get  Started! 

A good dog starts with a strong foundation. This class introduces your dog to 6 major concepts they should learn to become an excellent family member:


  • Basic commands: learning how to sit, lie down, and drop it on command; introducing short stays

  • Manners: being polite around doors, food, toys, greetings, and walking nicely on leash 

  • Relaxation: introducing settling on a bed/designated spot 

  • Recalls: coming when called with minimal distractions

  • Socialization: the ability to be around new dogs and people - and still listen to you! 

Price: $390 +HST =  $440.70

7 weeks, 1 hour   

Thursday, April 20th            3:45pm - 4:45pm

Level 1

Next Step

Level 2 builds on the skills taught in Level 1.  In this level, we will challenge our dogs by showing them how to maintain their skills under distraction to make their skills more reliable in real life settings. We also introduce new concepts like stand and heeling. This level includes:

  • Basic commands: adding auto sits when you stop moving, introducing a stand and heel command, holding stays for longer periods of time, intro

  • Manners: loose leash walking with real world distractions

  • Relaxation: sending to bed from a longer distance and staying there longer

  • Recalls: coming when called under higher distractions, such as through toys and by other dogs

  • Happy handling: learning to also accept handling from the instructor, similar to going to the vet

This class will also introduce a few fun dog tricks for you to impress your friends with!

None scheduled at this time.

Level 2
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