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Private Training

At InSync Canines, we really believe that dogs make our lives better. Period.



Most people open up their homes and hearts to dogs because their unconditional love and companionship are hard to beat.  But like all relationships, sometimes we hit a few snags in the road that can be frustrating. 


Our one-on-one training services are designed to decrease frustration and increase fun by focusing on clear and fair communication with our dogs. We use positive reinforcement-based methods and clear boundaries to help your dog learn what we want from them and how to work with you. 

We do offer single training sessions as well as packages.  Existing group students recieve a discount on private training! 

One Hour Training Session: $120 (+HST)

Four One Hour Training Sessions: $400 (+HST)

Please contact us for more information about our private training services or send a private training request here

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