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Pre-School Puppy

Puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks

  • Emphasis on good socialization

    • Puppy playtime will make up approx. 1/3 of class time​

    • Exposing puppy to novel sounds, things under their feet, sights, etc.

  • Cover basic puppy issues - potty training, nipping, crate training

  • Cover handling puppy for vet, groomer

  • Discuss management: kongs, puppy gates, harnesses, etc

  • Prevention work: preventing resource guarding and separation anxiety

  • Basic behaviours: drop, watch, name, follow the person, tug

Puppy Level 1

Puppies 12 weeks and older

  • By the end of this series of lessons, the puppy should be able to:​

  • Settle in a bed 

  • Basic loose leash walking with minimal distraction

  • Introduction to recalls - emphasis on building a strong recall through games and challenges

  • Sits

  • Lie Down

  • Stays - sits /downs

  • Name

  • Socialization/confidence building - each class should do some type of "fun" work - i.e. walking over fit paws stuff or through a tunnel.  small things that increase dogs confidence

  • Socialization with more novel things - strollers/wheelchair/people in hats etc - every class should cover something potentially scary to a dog 

  • Head rest in hand

  • Handle a basic vet style exam by owner 

  • Sit when a door opens and exit with permission

  • Impulse control around food

  • Sit and wait for food 

  • Be comfortable with people around their food bowl through R+ methods

Puppy Level 2

Puppies who have completed Level 1

  • By the end of this series of classes the puppy should know how to 

  • Recall with distraction (through toys/by other dogs/etc)

  • Loose leash walking with distraction

  • Send to bed from a distance

  • Longer stays on bed with owner adding distance

  • Introduce a heel command

  • Auto sits when handler stops

  • Hold sits with distractions and for longer periods of time

  • Be comfortable with basic husbandry: checking ears/eyes/clipping nails

  • Handle basic vet exam by instructor

  • Fetch a toy? 

  • Demonstrate a basic trick?

  • Introduce a stand

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